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Guy is not interesting in creating music only as a hobby..  He has also done some level design for 'old school' first-person shooters like Doom, Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, and Doom 3.  Probably his most famous and only map set is "Skyscraper" for Quake 2.  However, this map set was also converted for Soldier of Fortune 2 and Doom 3, which they all have been well received.... 

***Guy also play test other games which he enjoys playing, like Aliens versus Predators 2, Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior, and Combat Flight Simulator 3.  See below for further details.***

***Guy's first experience with the computer was the Texas Instruments' TI-99/4A which at one time belonged to his brother, Mark.  Although, Mark himself has done a few programs on this computer, Guy has also done a few of his own as well.  Guy has also spent hours and hours in typing and modifying programs written by other people, mainly from past issues of the popular 80's magazine called COMPUTE!.  Based on these early experiences on the TI-99/4A, Guy wanted to create a short full blown game based on the 60's television series called Star Trek on the TI.  Unfortunately, the limitation of 16K memory has made it impossible at the time.  Therefore in 1996, Guy revisited this task by modifying the original TI program and migrating the game into QBasic for the PC.  Once again, see below for further details.***

bulletJerry2b - add-on for both Doom 2 (works in Doom as well)



bulletGhost2 - another add-on for Doom 2



bulletHerhouse - add-on for Heretic



bulletDUKE969A - add-on for Duke Nukem 3D:  Atomic Edition

bullet Readme


bulletSkyscraper - add-on for Quake 2



bulletSoF2Skyscrap - add-on for Soldier of Fortune 2



bulletD3Skyscraper - add-on for Doom 3





bulletAliens versus Predator 2 X-Coop 2.5 Remake patch
bulletReadme-Level Forward Fix



bulletGet DosBox 0.74 to play games like Redneck Rampage and Shadow Warrior.
bulletDosBox Webpage



"Cooperative multi-playing is fun to me.  I really enjoy having help (especially in solving puzzles) with my fellow peers.  Playing as a team is more fun to me than 'deathmatching' against each other.  I wish the more recent games would bring back the cooperative feel again....   The reason why I still continue to play these games even today.  I have modified some of single-player maps, specifically Redneck Rampage add-ons, to play cooperatively by adding some spawn spots (usually five) for your enjoyment.  Please read the RTF documents (use Words or Wordpad) for further details in how to setup a multi-playing game or play an add-on in DosBox.  The add-ons are NOT my property nor created by me---I just simply repackaged and (again) added some spawn spots in a few.  The original files were downloaded from this website, .   Enjoy!"---Guy

bullet DosBox 0.74 Redneck Rampage Multiplayer
bulletDosBox 0.74 RRandRAsetupgames
bullet DosBox 0.74 Shadow Warrior Multiplayer



In order to play these games, you must download a fantastic emulator from this site:  

Please be aware that these games are for private use only, do not intend to sell these on CDs, diskettes, webpages, or any other media components...

There are a total of six games in this zip:  "Capture a Romulan Vessel", "German Submarines", "Mindbusters", "One Arm Bandit", "STAR WARS:  The EMPIRE Strikes Back", and "The Witching Hour".  These games were written in normal "TI Basic" (Extended Basic is not required). 
   Additional details (who have created and written these games) and instructions are available in the zipped file in .TXT format. contained two games written for Extended Basic:  "Devastator" and "Space Dodger". contained one game written for Extended Basic:  "Freeway 2000".  Special thanks go to Cory Burr for "fixing" the CALL COINC(ALL) bug in his Win994a Simulator.

          "Capture a Romulan Vessel"                                                   "German Submarine"



                     "Mindbusters"                                                                 "One Arm Bandit"



   "Star Wars:  The EMPIRE Strikes Back"                                         "The Witching Hour"



                       "Devastator"                                                                 "Space Dodger"



                    "Freeway 2000"




bulletSTAR TREK:  Enemies Among Us  (Requires QBasic) contains two files, QBASIC.EXE and QBASIC.HLP, extracted from the original olddos.exe file.  Requires a DOS utility to run it, like DOSBox (see above). contains the game and a txt file.  Please read the txt file for instructions.





bulletCombat Flight Simulator 3


          Wings of Power P-51D Mustang                              Virtual Cockpit of WoP P-51D



This plane is available from this package, AIRCRAFT POWERPACK, which can be ordered from selected on-line sites like Amazon.  is a modification for the WoP P-51D Mustang which fixes the stall and brake issues.

***Please note, backup your original AIR file.*** contains assorted short missions for the default Combat Flight Simulator, Firepower, ETO, and Over Flanders Fields add-ons.


Please view this excellent video in how to install and setting up Combat Flight Simulator 3 under Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit:




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