In order to play these games, you must download a fantastic emulator from this site:         http://www.99er.net/win994a.shtml.

Please be aware that these games are for private use only, do not intend to sell these on CDs, diskettes, webpages, or any other media components... 



There are a total of six games in this zip:  "Capture a Romulan Vessel", "German Submarines", "Mindbusters", "One Arm Bandit", "STAR WARS:  The EMPIRE Strikes Back", and "The Witching Hour".  These games were written in normal "TI Basic" (Extended Basic is not required). 

   Additional details (who have created and written these games) and instructions are available in the zipped file in .TXT format.


 EXTIBASICGames.zip contains two games written for Extended Basic:  "Devastator" and "Space Dodger".
 EXTIBASICGames2.zip contains one game written for Extended Basic:  "Freeway 2000".  Special thanks go to Cory Burr for "fixing" the CALL COINC(ALL) bug in his Win994a Simulator.

 COMPUTE!. zip contains three games.  One is written for Extended Basic:  "Balloon Crazy!".  Two are written for normal TI Basic:  "Things in the Dark" and "Worm of Bemer".

 GBABIN.zip contains a graphic program and a game written by Guy Babin:  "Study of the Nine Planets" (Extended Basic) and "Star Trek:  Enemies Among Us" (Super Extended Basic)

 PYRAMID.zip contains a text adventure game which for some reason requires Extended Basic.


          "Capture a Romulan Vessel"                                                   "German Submarines"



                     "Mindbusters"                                                                 "One Arm Bandit"



   "Star Wars:  The EMPIRE Strikes Back"                                         "The Witching Hour"



                       "Devastator"                                                                 "Space Dodger"



                    "Freeway 2000"                                                                "Balloon Crazy!"



               "Things in the Dark"                                                             "Worm of Bemer"



              "Study of the Nine Planets"                                                 "Enemies Among Us"








bulletSTAR TREK:  Enemies Among Us  (Requires QBasic)

QBASIC.zip contains two files, QBASIC.EXE and QBASIC.HLP, extracted from the original olddos.exe file.  Requires a DOS utility to run it, like DOSBox.

qeau3.zip contains the game and a txt file.  Please read the txt file for instructions.