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My first experience with the computer was the Texas Instruments' TI-99/4A which at one time belonged to my brother, Mark.  Although, my brother has done a few programs on this computer, I have also done a few of my own as well.  I have spent hours and hours in typing and modifying programs written by other people, mainly from past issues of the popular 80's magazine called COMPUTE!.  Based on these early experiences on the TI-99/4A, I wanted to create a short full blown game based on the 60's television series called Star Trek on the TI.  Unfortunately, the limitation of 16K memory has made it impossible at the time.  Therefore in 1996, I have revisited this task by modifying the original TI program and migrating the game into QBasic for the PC.  You can check my "TI Basic Games" webpage for further details:  TI Basic Games

**NEW**  I had created a separate page for all the Skyscraper map sets here:  Skyscraper Bundle Page

I have also done some SnapMaps for the new Doom (2016).  You can check this webpage for further details:  SnapMaps

Below are some of my earlier works.



Jerry2d - add-on for both Doom 2 (works in Doom as well)




This video shows Jerry2d in action under the Doomsday Engine (1.15.6):


Main2 - add-on for both Doom and Doom 2





Ghost2 - another add-on for Doom 2




Doomsday Engine Version




Doom Episode 2 Music Pack



Doom Episode 1 Music Pack (Doom 2 MAP01-MAP09)



  DUKE969A - add-on for Duke Nukem 3D:  Atomic Edition










Below are some modifications you maybe interesting that I have done but did not create the actual contents.  Credits respectively go to the original authors for some of these...


Aliens (Modified Aliens Colonial Marines) for GZDoom (please read the Aliens.txt first before downloading if you have the original PK3--you may not need it for your playing style)


Original Aliens Colonial Marines' Link:



          The reason for these packs was to play cooperative multiplayer which Risen3D lacks.  Please read each  txt files for details.  I did not make the contents of the packs nor take credit.  I have simply repackaged or tweaked them to work on the recent builds of the Doomsday Engine.  It is best to have Risen3DPack (and Risen3DPackFix) selected when playing one of Sitters' maps.  Sitters' maps are Doom 2 games which required the Doomsday Engine.

As is it now, I recommend Doomsday Engine Build 1.10.4 for multiplayer.





For further details and the official updated single player maps of Sitters, check the Risen 3D Homepage:



Get DosBox 0.74 to play games like Redneck Rampage. DosBox Webpage


Cooperative multi-playing is fun to me.  I really enjoy having help (especially in solving puzzles) with my fellow peers.  Playing as a team is more fun to me than 'deathmatching' against each other.  I wish the more recent games would bring back the cooperative feel again....   The reason why I still continue to play these games even today.  I have modified some of single-player maps, specifically Redneck Rampage add-ons, to play cooperatively by adding some spawn spots (usually five) for your enjoyment.  Please read the RTF documents (use Words or Wordpad) for further details in how to setup a multi-playing game or play an add-on in DosBox.  The add-ons are NOT my property nor created by me---I just simply repackaged and (again) added some spawn spots in a few.  The original files were downloaded from this website:

DosBox 0.74 Redneck Rampage Multiplayer

DosBox 0.74 RRandRAsetupgames


Files for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3

Various Short Multiplayer Missions:

Please read the .txt files in the zips for additional requirements since some are MAW and PTO related.


Stall and Brakes corrections for the Firepower P-51D Mustang:

This video shows the Firepower P-51D Mustang in action:



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