GhostGuy's DOOM (2016) SnapMaps




Spoilers Alert! This is an edited game play version of the final "Compound 101" SnapMap by GhostGuy which is about 15 minutes. The new code for this map is 9N49WRAM. You can also search under 'ghostguy' which would bring up more past maps. This SnapMap would probably give you a good 20 to 30 minutes of game play depending how well you search for weapons and keys. Enjoy.




Spoilers Alert! This video shows the full game play of the very short SnapMap called "Overrun" by GhostGuy. The code for this map is 7F8QB6A9. The goal was to finish the game without losing any lives. Unfortunately, the player lost only 1 life in this video which cost him a 1000 points. Ended up with 19450 points in the end. Mostly likely, 20450 (or more) points is considered a perfect score. Can you reach this score or more before getting 'overrun'?





Edited game play of campaign mode of three maps. MAP01: Firebug (5AXTFHWL), MAP02: Decor (F6NWEY2E), and MAP03: Straight Forward (N89CU64T).





Edited game play of campaign mode of four maps. MAP01: Stormwatch (5F75MJ7V), MAP02: Quiet Zone (2STPD44G), MAP03: Outpost 45 (ZFXVK4MA), and MAP04: Sagittarius Four (GWBXYSNV).




This PDF is a simple collections of SnapMaps tutorial for creating simple events if interesting:  Basic_Tutorial_Examples_in_SnapMap_Compiled.pdf