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Photos of the Past CDs' Covers and Equipments Used:



   First 'Demo' CD:  Pre T.D.D. Thematic   (c) 1998                     First 'Commercial' CD:  Myths  (c) 2000


Instruments Used:  Yamaha PortaSound  PSS-140, Yamaha PortaSound  VSS-30  (Digital Voice Sampler), Yamaha Digital Drums  DD-5, The Miracle, Yamaha  DJX  PSR-D1, Kurzweil K2000 [NKU Music Lab]

Others:  Toy Snare Drum, mini-keyboard, metal sheet, my voices, spring on the lamp, etc.

Software and hardware:  Cakewalk Home Studio 5.0, Cool Edit Pro, Realistic Stereo Reverb System, Additional Cassette Playback Machines, etc.

Additional Software:  Sonar Home Studio Version 7



Yamaha DJX PSR-D1



     The Miracle                         Yamaha Digital Drums  DD-5            Realistic Mixer and Stereo Reverb



                 Yamaha PortaSound  VSS-30  (Digital Voice Sampler)



Yamaha PortaSound  PSS-140



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